May 9, 2024

A basic research paper on LIPUS-Brain was published in Journal of Medical Ultrasonics.

In this study conducted at the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Tohoku University, following the success of LIPUS treatment in mouse models of dementia (Alzheimer’s disease and cerebrovascular dementia), LIPUS irradiation conditions for the human brain were examined from various angles to determine the optimal conditions.
The findings from this study are being utilized in exploratory and ongoing validation trials. The findings are also reflected in the LIPUS-Brain patent.

Title of the article:
Optimal treatment conditions for low‑intensity pulsed ultrasound therapy for Alzheimer’s disease: applications from mice to humans.

ShindoT, Eguchi K, Monma Y, Kanai H, Yasuda S, Shimokawa H.

Journal Title:
J Med Ultrasonics.

Contact :
Sound Wave Innovation Co., Ltd.